Writing Script/Dialogue

Thanks to twowritingteachers blog team for this Slice of Life experience each March and every Tuesday throughout the year. Fabulous!


Lynne: Michelle, is that you?  slice-of-life2

Michelle: Lynne?!

Lynne: I can’t believe it! I almost didn’t recognize you with your hair in foils.  How are you? I think it’s been twenty years!

Michelle: My daughter’s getting married tomorrow. I can’t believe my youngest daughter is getting married. Time goes by so quickly.

Lynne: (nodding) A blink of the eye. Oh, Michelle! A June wedding…how wonderful! And the weather prediction for this weekend calls for sunny skies. How many kids, Michelle?

Michelle: Five girls. Tara is my oldest.

Lynne: I remember Tara. She was in diapers the last time I saw her. How’s your husband?

Michelle: Poor Darren died a year ago. Heart attack.

Lynne: Oh, I’m so sorry, Michelle. I lost my husband, too. Divorce…a bad one.

Michelle: That’s too bad. How are you handling it?

Lynne: I actually have a boyfriend. I think he may ask me to marry him before the year is out. He’s a lawyer and very busy lately. Sometimes, a week goes by before we can get together. But it’s so great when we are together. I think we are soulmates!

Michelle: I met someone two months ago. Tara adores him, and he is giving her away.

Lynne: Oh, I’d love to meet him. Maybe we could double date some time….like we did in college.

Michelle: Well, he should be here in an hour to pick me up. (The door to the beauty salon opens. A tall, very handsome man waves at Michelle and smiles.) Oh, there he is now. Honey, come meet a long lost friend.

Lynne: (Looking up from the magazine she is holding) Sean?

Michelle & Lynne (simultaneously): Michelle? Lynne?




10 thoughts on “Writing Script/Dialogue

  1. Ohhh… feels like an awkward moment is about to happen!! Love all these fictional slices — fun to read and sad they don’t continue… chance encounters are always interesting slices of life!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Uhoh! No double dates in their future.
    Dialogue is so hard to write (at least it is for me). It can sound stilted, unnatural.
    But your two women sound like they could easily go back to their college closeness–there’s just a regular conversation, a conversation based on past experiences and knowledge.

    Liked by 1 person

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