The Boon in Cooking Lessons

Cooking classes are on the front burner,

A culinary clique growing steadily!

Increased demand for fresh, organic food,

Grills used year-round – men are cooking more.

Korean, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Hawaiian;

Perhaps the biggest draw, Spanish cuisine.

Savor Sicilian cooking adventures

Showcasing fresh fish, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes.

Vegetables nurtured by a Mediterranean sun,

Grapes grown in Mount Etna’s volcanic soil.

Travel to Tuscany and visit local markets

To gather ingredients for your lessons.

Enjoy great meals with the satisfaction of having made them.

Drive into Philadelphia to the famous The Restaurant School,

Producing the finest chefs and restaurateurs in the country.

But regular Joes can learn here, too! Did you know that?

Make a perfect soufflé or petit fours in just one day.

Take Introduction to Culinary Arts,

Or a hands-on, vegetarian cooking course.

If you’re lucky, you have a dear friend

Who is also a great cook and has taken pity on you,

Giving you cooking lessons for your Christmas gift.

Everywhere, everywhere – cooking classes

From historic meals to whiskey-making,

A class to meet almost any craving!

Return with some great recipes,

Cooking classes on the front burner!

slice-of-life2Thank you, twowritingteachers team, for providing this wonderful experience to participate in Slice of Life across the month of March as a writer and reader. The opportunities to grow as a writer abound in this incredibly talented, diverse writing community!