What happened, Merri?

Slice of Life2I am participating in #sol18. Thanks to the twowritingteachers blog team for creating this writing community.

This morning I woke up to let the dogs out at six a.m. and start writing my Slice post. My Merri seemed fine as she went out into the backyard with Arthur and Rhonda (all Welsh Corgis), but she would not come up the two steps to come back inside. I quickly stepped out onto the patio in bare feet, not caring that it was frosty and very cold. Scooping her up into my arms, I brought Merri inside.

I placed her on the couch in the family room, making sure the soft, chocolate-brown throw was under her. That’s her favorite place to curl up and take a snooze. I covered her with one of my soft sweater vests and petted her. I thought maybe her feet were just very cold from the frosty grass. She hates to get snow in between the pads on her feet, and we still have snow along the back edge of our fence. It was then that I discovered tremors running up and down her spine. “Oh, dear God,” I thought. “Not her back!”  Corgis have very short legs and very long backs. They can be prone to back and hip problems. Merri is going to be twelve this fall, so she is a senior citizen, so to speak. I was worried.

A million questions flooded my mind: Did the puppy jump on her (He is already three pounds over regulation size for a male – and he is not fat, just solid muscle and very large)?  Did she sleep on the cold tile floor in the foyer last night?  Had she wrenched her back when she jumped off the couch last night? Did she take a misstep in the yard?  Did Merri and Rhonda have a little spat I had not witnessed?

2012-08-19_12-06-18_6 (2)


My husband came down and prepared breakfast for the dogs. Merri got her bowl on the sofa with me. She gobbled it down – a good sign. My girl loves to eat, and if she had turned her nose up at her breakfast, that would not have been a good sign!  We put our gigantic eight-month old puppy in the hall and placed a gate in the entranceway to the family room. He started to whine. “What did I do wrong?” I could almost hear him say in dog yelps. I covered Merri and decided to give her a chance to settle down. Thank goodness the tremors stopped. She rested for another forty minutes.  When I let Rhonda and Arthur outside again, she wanted to go, too. She even ran around a little bit.


Right now, she is sleeping on a pile of towels at my feet while I am writing this blog post for Tuesday. Arthur is lying on the floor close by and Rhonda is in her pink bed. I am probably going to make a vet appointment for Tuesday morning. An x-ray and a thorough exam wouldn’t hurt. Our dogs are, of course, part of our family. I think I take better care of them than I take care of myself! Those Corgi smiles and wriggling bottoms (they have no tails) keep me happy!Merri Welsh Corgis