Writing Script/Dialogue

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Lynne: Michelle, is that you?  slice-of-life2

Michelle: Lynne?!

Lynne: I can’t believe it! I almost didn’t recognize you with your hair in foils.  How are you? I think it’s been twenty years!

Michelle: My daughter’s getting married tomorrow. I can’t believe my youngest daughter is getting married. Time goes by so quickly.

Lynne: (nodding) A blink of the eye. Oh, Michelle! A June wedding…how wonderful! And the weather prediction for this weekend calls for sunny skies. How many kids, Michelle?

Michelle: Five girls. Tara is my oldest.

Lynne: I remember Tara. She was in diapers the last time I saw her. How’s your husband?

Michelle: Poor Darren died a year ago. Heart attack.

Lynne: Oh, I’m so sorry, Michelle. I lost my husband, too. Divorce…a bad one.

Michelle: That’s too bad. How are you handling it?

Lynne: I actually have a boyfriend. I think he may ask me to marry him before the year is out. He’s a lawyer and very busy lately. Sometimes, a week goes by before we can get together. But it’s so great when we are together. I think we are soulmates!

Michelle: I met someone two months ago. Tara adores him, and he is giving her away.

Lynne: Oh, I’d love to meet him. Maybe we could double date some time….like we did in college.

Michelle: Well, he should be here in an hour to pick me up. (The door to the beauty salon opens. A tall, very handsome man waves at Michelle and smiles.) Oh, there he is now. Honey, come meet a long lost friend.

Lynne: (Looking up from the magazine she is holding) Sean?

Michelle & Lynne (simultaneously): Michelle? Lynne?