Arthur Thinks He’s a Cat!

Slice of Life2I am participating in #SOL18. Thanks to twowritingteachers blog team for creating this space for writing, reading, and responding to writing. I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of the March 2018 Slice!

Timid and inquisitive,

King Arthur joined our family.

He grew and grew and grew,

At eight months, bigger than Rhonda and Merri.

At first, he stayed on the floor,

No jumping up on laps and couches.

Then he learned he had springs in his back legs:Arthur and Mommy

Leaping up on the picnic table in our backyard,

Jumping like a bunny rabbit through the deep snow, Corgis and me in snow

Sailing into my husband’s lap when he’s reading a newspaper.

Somehow, he mistakenly thinks he’s a cat:

Climbing onto the top ledge of the couch and walking along,

Flying through the air from the picnic table top, clearing the girls,

Curling up in our laps to wash his paws.

King Arthur, our Welsh Corgi, thinks he’s a cat,

Sits on the top of the loveseat everyday

To get a better view of the birds.Arhtur at the window

Not one sound – he’s studying them closely.

Perhaps he thinks he can learn how to fly!