Brunch, Anyone?

Slice of Life2I am participating in #SOL18. Thanks to the twowritingteachers blog for providing a space where writers and readers can congregate to learn about each other, forge new friendships, and publish their writing.

The weekend before the big snow, we picked up my sister and brother-in-law and traveled another forty minutes to Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania for brunch. We had never been to Terrain Garden Cafe before, but my sister had heard about it on a t.v. segment that reviewed where to eat in and around Philadelphia. The unique eatery is a BYOB that features a seasonal menu of local organic meals. Terrain 2

We entered the large parking area — busy — a good sign. Then we walked through an interesting gift shop filled with a variety of items such as soap, honey, terrariums, benches carved from tree trunks, orchids, jewelry, and woolen blankets and lap warmers. Much more… we would return to browse and shop on the way out.

The restaurant was housed in a converted greenhouse with long braided mats strategically hung in several spots above – probably to keep out some of the sunlight. Our waiter was knowledgeable, attentive, (just the right amount), and genuinely warm. We noticed that servers did not wear uniforms. They dressed comfortably, adding to the relaxed, homey feeling. Terrain 3

My husband and I ordered the mushroom soup – thick and delicious. I quickly realized that I would not need the salad. Bread was served in a terracotta flower pot – wonderful!  My sister had French toast with caramel apples and walnuts, slices of thickly-cut bacon cooked to perfection.  We all shared a lemon pudding with a wonderful raspberry sorbet. If you are a coffee lover, this place is for you – a special bar with practically any kind of coffee drink your heart desires – hot or cold. Instead of coffee, I enjoyed a pear spritzer that certainly would be great on a summer day, too.

When our waiter came with the bill, it was tucked inside a paperback book about birds.  How delightful!  We learned that servers each carried a paperback book of their choosing. Another unique thing about this restaurant.Terrain Cafe

After we ate, we shopped. I left Terrain with two-minute journals, some soaps, and a lap warmer covered with deer, moose, and ferns for Diane and Willie’s cabin in Maine. My sister had spied it, too, and had not seen me pick it up. When I presented it to her in the car, she and Willie laughed. “I went back for it and told Willie I should have bought it right then before brunch. It was the only one, and I was so disappointed when it was gone.”  I laughed, too. Do I know my little sister?

What a wonderful place to shake off the winter blues!  But it is not a place just for wintertime. We will return in April to eat and to buy plants for our spring gardens in their other greenhouse opposite the gift shop (actually a greenhouse, not a restaurant!). What more could we ask for — a simple outing to enjoy some time together!