Two-Minute Mornings

Slice of Life2Thanks to the twowritingteachers blog team for this space to write, read, and respond to others. #SOL18 is a wonderful writing community!

I will let go of ….my annoyance that winter is still hanging on as evidenced by the snow that is falling and the parka, gloves, and woolen hat that I wore this morning as I walked the Corgis. No more frowns or talk about it. This morning is the last time that the word “winter” will escape from my lips. Spring will soon be here in all its glory!

I am grateful for....the twowritingteachers blog and the opportunity to write and respond to other writers during this month of March #SOL18 – my third year!  I am also grateful for the “unworkshop” week at Highlights Foundation in April to finish revisions for the book I am co-authoring with Stacey. I think about it every day.

I will focus on…. my writing this morning and afternoon. Planning and reading can be evening pursuits. My three goals (ambitious but doable):

  1. Work to complete my part in a chapter on small group work for a book I am writing with Stacey.  This is my No. 1 focus for today. Welcome to Writing Workshop is coming along nicely. By the weekend’s end, I will be finished with the remaining chapters and await Stacey’s comments.  Then, I look forward to interviewing some teachers, taking photos, and observing workshops in late March/early April. Like Rose and Diane, Stacey is very organized and is finished her first-draft writing for this book.
  2.  Begin reading Practicing Presence, a Stenhouse book by Lisa Lucas.  I think I will benefit greatly from reading this book. Lisa is an Associate Professor in the College of Education at West Chester University of Pennsylvania and a professional coach that specializes in helping others find the median between working to live and living to work.  Chandra told me two cases of her book sold like hotcakes at the Title 1 Conference in Philadelphia this February. My copy just arrived in the mail. I am itching to read it!
  3. Imagine my presentations for a workshop I am doing at the end of March on mentor texts. Today, I will make a list of possibilities for the two sessions and place a check mark next to the concepts and activities I will include. Reread a couple sections of the second edition of Mentor Texts. No pressure here. Mentor texts, a favorite topic, and I have another weekend after this one to get ready. Planning is always fun!