Summer Forecast 2020

I am participating in #SOL Tuesdays.

Thanks to twowritingteachers for providing this space to share!Slice of Life2

Ready for August?
Warmer than average this summer,
August continues the trend.
With rainy periods everywhere today,
Isaias travels along the East coast,
A good day for staying indoors to read.

Making landfall as a hurricane,
Power outages and widespread flooding
With whipping winds with strong storm surges.
Impacting states all the way up to Maine.
Slamming the coasts and possible tornados,
Racing fast up to the north as a tropical storm.

If you like your summers nice and hot,
According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac,
You’re all set (my husband will be happy)!
Summer temperatures hotter than normal,
Hottest periods in mid-June,
Mid- to late July, and early August.

Sizzle and drizzle?
Scorching to wicked hot?
Muggy and buggy?
Dampness to downpours?
Tend to those veggie and flower gardens
And enjoy it while it lasts.