March Tunes

Winds race

between bare trees

whistling and blowing snow,


send shivers up and down my spine

March tunes


Blue tunes

Can’t let go of me

and I’m singing them

all day long

Blue tunes


If you want to find brown,

look for it in the muddy backyards of March,

feel it in your hands as you begin to ready gardens.

Shades of brown everywhere:

sienna, auburn, chestnut, and cinnamon.

Russet, chocolate, brunette, and mahagony.

Smell brown in the dark roast of morning coffee.

Taste it in burnt toast, pumpernickel or rye.

Feel it in the hopeful song of spring,

a rebirth of wonder…

if you want to find brown.










8 thoughts on “March Tunes

  1. We had a day this week where “winds raced between bare trees.” That is a perfect personified image! Brown is one of my favorite colors and I love all your shades you listed today!

    Liked by 1 person

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