On the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada

sugar pines and black oaks grow;

red firs and snow plants flourish.

Sequoias, the biggest trees in the world,

some taller than a 25-story building with

trunks so large, forty people holding hands

would just barely circle one of them.

These magnificent trees, these giant sequoias.

Home to countless birds and insects;

thousands of generations of bears and deer,

wolves and weasels passing by their trunks. 

Surviving thousands of thunderstorms;

Surviving hundreds of forest fires.

One of nature’s wonders,

one of its most impressive triumphs,

These magnificent trees, these giant sequoias.

I am participating in #SOL Tuesdays.

I am writing a poem each day in April to celebrate National Poetry Month. This poem has been adapted from a nonfiction book to celebrate the giant Sequoias that grow on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. When I was a little girl, my great grandmother traveled to California to visit relatives. One of her favorite memories she shared with us was her great astonishment of the size and age of these giants and their incredible beauty.

Adapted from While a Tree Was Still Growing… 

by Jane Bosveld

Workman Publishing Company,

N.Y., N.Y.

© 1997

9 thoughts on “Sequoias

  1. Sequoias are nature’s wonder. I couldn’t agree more. Amazing that they survive forest fires and lightning strikes. Your poem captures the awe we feel when are in their presence.

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  2. Lynne,

    I amazed at your talent and gift for writing poetry!

    Thank you for sharing your gift here

    Maureen Montgomery
    Your former student at Arcadia.

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    • Hi, Maureen. I remember you and am glad to see you here. I intend to post four to five times a week after this month of poetry. I hope you are well. Keep me posted on what you are up to. Are you considering the PA Writing & Literature Project’s invitational writing institute ?


  3. I have never seen a sequoia, except for pictures. They truly are one of nature’s masterpieces. When we would take our students to a campsite for the day for an outdoor education day one of the things I always had my students write was a piece on what changes one of the trees growing in the area would have seen over the years it has grown there. Just imagine, Lynne, what stories these wonders of nature could tell.

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  4. Isabelle did a report on Yosemite for school earlier this year. One of the reasons she picked Yosemite, over all of the other national parks, is because she got to see photos from a trip I took there with my parents in 2004 when my father was standing inside of one of the sequoias (that was carved out for cars) and she was fascinated. You’ll have to ask her about it.

    Oh, to travel to see the giant sequoias again… Maybe in a couple of years! Thanks for bringing me back to “see” them with your words today.

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