Poems to Celebrate Cats


Almond-shaped eyes,
glimmering brown
charcoal pupils
Silky and soft,
dark muddy-colored fur
highlighted with interesting
splashes of brown and beige.

A long, fluffy tail
waves in the air like a proud flag.
One white spot on the tip of her left ear,
the only white she wears,
makes me think
she must have been kissed
by a beautiful angel.

Amazingly Amazing Cats

Long-haired, lovable, loyal,
Royals who guarded Egypt’s Pharaohs.
Biting, bouncy, and brave,
Inspiring fear or respect.

Sleeping in a fat little ball,
Walking thin to slip through cracks….
Thick, soft pads on their paws
allow them to sneak up on you!

Using their long tails for balance
when they’re jumping or
walking along narrow ledges
like a professional tightrope walker!

Sleeping on things
that smell like their owners,
Dirty laundry in laundry baskets –
hiding places with peep holes.

Athletic, cautious, curious,
Diva-like and independent,
Quiet and mysterious,
Proud, playful creatures.

Meow, meowww,
Mewsic to our ears.
Purrfectly purrfect,
Hissterical to watch…

Amazingly amazing cats!

I am writing a poem each day in April to celebrate National Poetry Month. I wrote about cats for my husband who always had a cat until he married me. Now he has Welsh Corgis to contend with! His last cat, Dusty, would sit and shake paws. He was a great companion! Here is a book you might like to read to your students: Cat Poems by Dave Crawley, illustrated by Tamara Petrosino.

For dog lovers, Dave Crawley has also authored Dog Poems.