I am posting a poem each day in honor of poetry month. Today, a Golden Shovel poem to pay homage to Maya Angelou and her famous poem, “Still I Rise.” See the entire poem here: https://poets.org/poem/still-i-rise

I’ll want to wander on the rocky beaches with you

and even through Maine’s muddy springs, I may

find comfort in the squishy sounds as you trod

towards the cabin, the dogs behind me,

taking too long to reach the door, and in

a moment, I’ll be in your arms, still grasping the

brass doorknob and pulling it to shut the very

last light of the day outside. The mud, the dirt,

and all the spring wildflowers disappearing but

waiting patiently for light of day to return and still

the night. The quiet twilight that swallows us is like

a deep well. We’ll become what stars have made us from… dust.

We will be the dust of a billion years; and one day I’ll

become the beat of your heart, and with each breath, fall and rise.