My Life is a Cloud

My life, like the clouds,

always changing.

Sometimes, so full of activity,

like a puffy cumulus cloud.

Sometimes, thin –

too stretched out,  

too taut.

Streaked-with-gray cloud days

 full-of-lightning-bolt days,

 threatening storms.

Sunny with a splash of clouds,

calm weather days:

clear, fine, and still.

Then, winds carry my cloud away

along with all the clouds in the sky.

On these days, I feel myself disappearing.

I reach out but with no anchor, I drift away.

My life is like a cloud –

beautiful, lonely, full of promise.

 I drift,

      I float,

           I glide,

wandering on a field of blue –

hoping to catch a glimpse of what I might miss

if my feet were firmly planted on the ground.

My writer’s notebooks are my constant companions.

I dedicate this poem to Catherine Gehman and her fourth-grade writers in Gilbertsville Elementary School in Boyertown Area School District. Mrs. Gehman suggested writing about how our life is like clouds in a Continuity session for the Pennsylvania Writing & Literature Project. During that session, I first wrote this piece as a notebook entry in paragraph form. Revisiting my notebook, something I often like to do, I decided to create a found poem from it. This month I am posting a poem each day to celebrate National Poetry Month. Here are some wonderful resources for inspiring kids to read and write poems.

4 thoughts on “My Life is a Cloud

  1. I love the comparisons between times of your life and different cloud types. And the last lines: “hoping to catch a glimpse of what I might miss/ if my feet were planted on the ground.”

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  2. Oh, Lynne! I feel so honored! What a lovely poem, and I am delighted you revisited this entry. I read your poem to Steve and he said that your poem gets at the poignancy of life-as much as we seek to go through life with companions, there’s an elemental part of life which is done alone.

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    • Thank you, Catherine and Steve. I loved this prompt, Catherine. It offered so many possibilities. Your comment here rings true to me. I hope we can do some poetry workshops with your students this month. Much love….


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