On Easter Sunday

I am participating in #SOL Tuesdays.

our crab-apples show promise,

small leaves with pink buds.

In a starlit room,

peeking through thin cloud-curtains,

sweet Lady Moon dreams.

Gazing in a lake,

still and silent, Moon sees her

perfect reflection.

What a lush carpet

grass weaves with dandelions;

tiny yellow suns!

Huge waves move people

as if they are chess pieces

in the deep water.

This month I am trying to write a poem each day to celebrate National Poetry Month.

Today, I wrote haiku. What is haiku?

  1. Japanese poetry (hundreds of years old)
  2. Makes reference to nature and the wonders of our natural world
  3. Appeal to the senses
  4. Use of personification (to make human-like)
  5. Happening in the present
  6. Word choice (specific, sparkling words)
  7. Three lines of poetry representing one continual thought or idea
  8. Five-seven-five-syllable count (17 in all)