My process in writing an acrostic poem

Daring to imagine the possibilities and
Everything to follow
A path not chosen by
Many, but nonetheless, chosen;
Even if it takes a lifetime to
Reach your destination,
Staying true to follow their heart’s desire.

Delighting in the imagination to
Realize her full potential,
Each vision, unique and fulfilling.
Amazing notions shaped into
Masterpieces that defy ordinary
Explanations. Charting unknown territories,
Reaching for the stars.

My prewriting experience included brainstorming a list of topics I could write about. Writers need to take the time to create a list of five to eight items or more so they have choices and a go-to list if they have to abandon their original idea. To do this, I revisited pages from my writer’s notebook. Writers write about what they know. The exception is doing extensive research to write about something that interests you but you are not a mini-expert in that subject/field. Here is what I came up with:

Finding a topic to write about – a list from skimming my writer’s notebook.

Horses                                                   Autumn Leaves

Narrative                                                      Imagination #2

Dreamers                                                     Webb Lake 

Grandfather  #3                                            Flower Garden

Dandelions                                                  Longwood Gardens

Next, I brainstormed possible words for each letter of my acrostic poems. You can highlight the words as you use them. I started o do this:

D – doing, dancing, daring, dipping, delighting, denizen, delivering, deciding, dauntless, deep, during, deeming, dozing, double, dabble, dapples, delicious

R – realize, rare, risk, reach, render, roll, real, rebirth, resonate, roses, rocking, rope, rule, roving, robbing, rose of sharon, racing, raining, reasons, reading, raking

E – even, easy, everything, each, entering, exiting, examples, extra, ears, easygoing, ease, explanation, elite, eating, exhibit, event, eventful, elite, earn

A – a, an, always, awful, adorable, altering, allowing, about, anew, a lot, America, ascertain, anticipate, abandon, absorb, accept, align, amuse, adapt, adopt, agree

M – make, manner, mansion, marvelous, magnificent, magnanimous, many, mean, massive, masterpieces, master, masterful, mourn, maintain, march, mend

E – earn, educate, embarrass, employ, empty, encourage, end, everlasting, enjoy

R – realty, reality, real, revealing, revolution, revolt, rhyme, riveting, right, righteous, rumple, ripple, rouse, raise, rudder, rate, rare, rectify, roof, rob, roast

S – silent, seeking, solution, stop, soar, sending, superstitious, super, superb, strong, strength, slick, sleek, sad, simple, select, seal, soap, sauna, savor, savvy

Here are some other strategies to help plan the acrostic:

Make a word web to explore the topic/word through the senses or through emotions.

Create a list of ideas/description you have for the topic.

Think about the idea/word and make comparisons – similes and metaphors.