Reflections on Lake Tahoe

Such unbridled beauty and raw splendor

I am participating in #SOL Tuesdays,

that I could not drink it all in at once;

taking small sips to savor a flavor not yet tasted.

Inky blue water, a color I had never seen before,

and the startling emerald waters of a hidden bay.

The paddle boat’s rhythm, slow and easy;

my heartbeat, rapid and full of wild expectations.

Nighttime here would be unwelcomed,

the hunger for the vast blueness of the pristine lake

framed by majestic mountains built an insatiable appetite,

rendering me powerless to take my eyes away from the view.

A rugged, yet tranquil beauty I had not known before,

This dazzling  alpine lake framed by majestic mountains,


I am writing a poem each day in April to celebrate National Poetry Month.

6 thoughts on “Reflections on Lake Tahoe

  1. I love “small sips to savor a flavor not yet tasted.” Yes, Tahoe is majestic beauty. Thanks for sharing your photos too. They brought me back to when I was there myself.

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