My Welsh Corgis

If you have grown up in a home where dogs are part of your family, you want them in your life as an adult. I fought to have a dog, even though my allergies to dust, ragweed, and animals with hair kept my mother battling with me for many years before giving in. For the past thirty years or more, I’ve had Welsh Corgis.

My dogs, Merri and Rhonda, are a mother-daughter pair. They are both beautiful dogs, red and whites, with personalities that match their spirit.  Always on the go, the Corgis team to greet guests rather enthusiastically, barking until the “new” people have been seated. Merri often runs to get a toy. She thinks everyone must engage in play with her, usually a game of tug-of-war.  Merri plays to keep a human interested in continuing her game. Rhonda plays to win!

The two of them are meet-and-greeters, and I cannot think of a better way to come home each day. There they are, waiting at the door for me because they’ve been curled up in the entranceway since the time I walked out the front door.  They do the same for my husband Ralph, coming into the den or kitchen occasionally to check up on me – then back to their post.

Merri Welsh Corgis

When either of us enter, there are cries of joy and much bouncing up and down. For Ralph, Merri runs to get a toy. If Ralph does not immediately grab onto the toy and tug, Merri looks around to find another one. Perhaps her human will be interested in that one!  I never feel lonely with my dogs in the house to keep me company.  They both love to cuddle, and Merri loves particularly to flip herself over so I can tickle her tummy. What a life!


9 thoughts on “My Welsh Corgis

  1. My daughter absolutely loves Corgis. She said as soon as she gets her own place she is getting one. Merri and Rhonda sound precious. Thanks for sharing. I love reading about animals.


  2. We almost didn’t get our dog – my son and husband have allergies. We tried so many until we found a breed that would work. Now we cannot imagine life without her –she brings such joy and brings us all together at a time when schedules pull us apart. Cool picture – how did you do that??


  3. I’m like you — my dogs are family. They have quirks and attitudes just like people. I also grew up always having a dog around and I can’t see a time when I will ever be without one (or two!) They just “get” me! 🙂



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