What is White? A Color Poem

Creamy clouds that float across the skies,

Fluffy, long-tailed cats with almond eyes.

Sweet marshmallows in steamy cocoa cups,

December moons until the sun comes up.

Wedding veils that hide a pretty face,

Grandma’s doilies, old and made with lace.

Snowy storms make Old Man Winter’s play,

Frothy tips of waves that dot the bay.

Space to rest between a writer’s words,

Sounds of silence – thoughts not heard.

Lily of the valley upon my garden walk,

Daisies, paper, milk, and sometimes chalk.

Summer t-shirts, dresses, slacks, and shoes,

White, the summer color we often choose.

Seconds slowly eating up the day,

Your feelings when a friend has gone away.

Twilight as it flutters through the sky,

A newborn baby’s hungry cry.

Often, it’s completely out of sight,

Both sad and happy – that is WHITE!

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