Muir Woods

I had wanted to go there since I have been little. I had wanted to take this trip ever since my nana flew to the West Coast to visit her brothers’ families and came back with stories about Alaska and Muir Woods just north of San Francisco.

 I wasn’t disappointed when I finally arrived on a late August afternoon. The warm sunlight streamed through the forest and tickled the leaves of these giants.  They stood, tall and proud, ready to greet their eager admirers.  Some had grown together. Others stood alone. Barks were blackened where fire had threatened to destroy them, but they had overcome the fires. A few had fallen and had begun the process of returning to Mother Earth, sprouting new trees all around in an effort to fill the empty spaces now filled by sunlight. I touched every tree and tried to look up, up, up into their leafy boughs.

 Although we have videos, we do not have any photos of this magical place. It is a good reason to return one more time. I wonder if they will survive the human race and their sloppy care-taking of our planet. I hope they will continue to be protected and preserved. John Muir once said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”   I received a gift I will always treasure – the majesty of the trees and their quiet beauty filled me with awe, respect, and humility.  I will never forget my walk in Muir Woods.

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