May Musings

Slice of Life2I am participating in #SOL Tuesdays. Thanks to twowritingteachers blog team for providing this space for writers to share and grow.


Named for the Greek goddess Maia,

She comes with warmth and charity.

The month of three milkings,

Spilling babies everywhere –

Finches and bunnies and fillies,

Fleecy baa-baas and wide-eyed calves.


A party girl at heart, she celebrates

The Kentucky Derby, Indianapolis 500,

Mother’s Day, International Workers’ Day.

Last Monday in May, Memorial Day.

Picnics at Saylor’s Lake with grandparents:

Fried chicken, potato salad, open-face apple pie.


May babies, Taurus or Gemini:

Queen Victoria, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bono,

Audrey Hepburn, Cate Blanchett, Tina Fey, Brooke Shields,

George Clooney, Adele, Janet Jackson, and Cher.

Orson Welles, Nellie Bly, Salvador Dali, Sam Smith,

Bob Hope, J.M. Barrie, Bing Crosby, Sally Ride.


National Physical Fitness and Sports Month,

Asian American Heritage Month,

Jewish American Heritage Month,

Skin Cancer Awareness Month,

National Bike Month,

And the National Teacher Day.


May strolls into our lives with flowers,

Beautiful colors and sweet scents of Spring.

Delicate peonies in pink and white,

Lilacs with their sweet, haunting fragrance.

Hardy magnolias and purply heather,

Give a loved one a glorious surprise.


May, a time of celebration and renewal,

And a time to enjoy family and friends.

This year, a time of optimism and hope,

The reopening of some businesses.

Online classes in universities ending,

Summer vacation beginning quietly.


Time for a superhero to save the planet,

Where can she be?

What is she waiting for?

May will welcome Summer,

But things will be different.

Maybe…for a long time.


This spring, many cancellations:

Devon Horse Show, NASCAR Racing,

National Spelling Bee, school graduations,

Proms, Phillies games, the French Open.

This May will be about her beautiful blooms…


Enjoy them!











11 thoughts on “May Musings

  1. May is a month of wild abandon. I love the line “spilling babies everywhere.” I can’t think of May without thinking of “The Lusty Month of May” from Camelot. Now I’m humming it while looking at your glorious blossom photos. Thanks!

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  2. Beautiful images–I love the spilling babies everywhere. How come you don’t mention the most important birthday of all–yours?
    May–I hope it does bring us joy this year. Thanks for sharing this.

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  3. I had to read this twice. Lovely and hopeful! Summer vacation beginning quietly–this line really struck me. Summer will begin so quietly, without the excitement and celebration of the last day of school. It will be different for sure, but I find myself appreciating the little things even more!

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  4. May brings us and offers us so much. It is like the culmination of the little promises we are given at the beginning of Spring. So much beauty and so much to bring a smile to our faces. Events may be cancelled, but May is not. Thanks for the poem and lovely pictures, Lynne. Stay safe my friend.

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  5. What a poem! Seems like you included it all in such a clever way. I enjoy how you personify the month. It reminds me of April Come She Will, the song by Simon and Garfunkle. Stay well, Lynn.

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  6. The pictures are gorgeous!! I’m so glad that you shared them. My family has three birthdays to celebrate this month. One being that of my mother-in-law, who happens to love flowers. She will be 86 years old on the 30th and is living with stage 4 cancer. Before I read your blog, I was just sitting and wondering what we should give her this year since we can’t have a large family party. Your picture inspired me. Her gift will be flowers….the prettiest ones I can find and not just one basket, but several. Thanks!!

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