Waiting for Tulips


Popular spring beauty,2019-04-16 12.51.20 (768x1024)

This cup-shaped flower.

Double or single,

Fringed or twisted.

In every color except true blue,

Miniatures and two-feet giants!

Descendants from the Middle East,

Signifying perfect love.

Signifying rebirth to many,

This perennial that graces spring gardens.

Flowers lasting barely two weeks

But most welcome this spring,

If only for a short time.

Tulips…2019-04-16 12.52.23-1 (1024x768)

I am waiting for tulips.




I am participating in #SliceofLife Tuesdays. Thanks to the twowritingteachers team for providing this space to meet on Tuesdays and share our writing with a larger community.2019-04-16 12.37.40 (768x1024)

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