Golden Cranes

It was the same golden hue that bathes the trees at sunset, bringing


Made in youthful hands where gold over gold over gold is gently folded.

At first, only a few, and then, ten hundred more are placed.

There, at the base of a statue in Hiroshima Peace Park, in memory of the children,

chains of paper cranes.

All for the children, those who felt the bittersweet blueness and died at its hands.

Rice cakes placed high on altars, provide nourishment for the long journey home.

Lighted lanterns drifting lazily on cold black waters.

The children come with paper cranes, so when the new light dawns, it will never

again bring Blue Ghosts….

the skies.

will fill

And golden cranes of peace

I am participating in #SOL17.Thanks to the twowritingteachers blog team

for the wonderful community they have created for sharing and responding to writing.



10 thoughts on “Golden Cranes

  1. This is beautiful — the mood was so calming and hopeful – purposeful. It made me feel that each act one makes can create change and impact others. How did you find this topic? Did you see something or read something? I would love to hear.

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    • I read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr, Hiroshima by Lawrence Yep, and Under the Blood-Red Sun by Graham Salisbury as a literature group study when I taught fourth grade. We strung chains of origami cranes and sent 1000 to Hiroshima to place beneath Sadako’s statue on Peace Day in August.


  2. I will never forget when my 5th grade teacher read the story to our class. I remember feeling so broken and wondering how this could ever have happened. I could just picture those perfectly folded golden cranes. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem!


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