Then and Now

slice-of-life2I am participating in #SOL17.  Thanks to the writing community of twowritingteachers for this wonderful opportunity to read, write, and respond to other educators  from across our country.

I have lots of baby pictures of me because my grandparents had so many framed. After that, there’s a huge gap. Mom never completed a baby book and Dad never took a lot of family photos. When my grandma died, my youngest sister inherited all the wonderful photos my grandfather had taken. That was over twenty years ago, and I still do not have any photos.

Recently, my brother-in-law had knee replacement surgery. My sister promised we would go through all the photos, and I was excited to view all the old photos my grandparents had saved, but it did not happen. I am not sure it ever will. Now, I shy away from being photographed because I am conscious of being so overweight. I am not happy with myself, and I hate seeing photos that include me.

But I had to have my husband take a photo of me with Albert Einstein. Yes, that’s right!  At Einstein Hospital where my sister works as a nurse (my mom was a nurse and would have been so proud of Diane) and where my brother-in-law had his surgery, there’s a great statue of Albert sitting on a bench. I sat next to him and leaned my head close to his, trying to soak up some of his smarts. I’m not sure I acquired any, but it was worth a try!

I came into the world at Einstein Hospital on Broad Street in Philadelphia as did my two sisters. One of my baby pictures shows me in a thinking pose, too. So here I am, then and now!

17 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Never shy away from being in a photo – your smile is the best. I treasure the memories and laughs every time I look at photos I am in with you. I can hear your laugh, feel your hug and the comfort I always feel when I am with you. You are married to a wonderful person and photographer and I am guessing he feels the same away when he sees ( and takes) photos of you.

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    • Clare, I can’t thank you enough for your kind words. Ralph is always trying to take pictures of me, and I am always trying to stop him. I am going to try to change my attitude. Your wise words have touched my heart!


  2. Lynne, I feel your pain about not having any photos from your grandparents’ treasure trove. But what you do have are the memories and you write brilliantly about them! I love your stories. I second Clare’s comment about not shying away from having photos taken. You have a great smile that shows your kindness and loving spirit.

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  3. I third Clare’s message. I love seeing pictures of you because you look like an authentically happy and smart person. I don’t think Einstein gets the credit for that at all. I hope you get to go through those pictures more, but keep taking them, as someone will treasure them one day.

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  4. I don’t think any of us enjoys “seeing ourselves” in photos, but I think the photographs capture a piece of your life and the wonderful person you seem to be! Thanks for the slice. I really enjoyed it…and I hope you get some of your photographs someday.

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  5. You were clearly a deep thinker from the beginning! Then or now, I think that any photo is better with you in it. Remember what Oscar Wilde said — “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

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  6. Love the baby picture, Lynne. I have not seen the picture before, but I have seen that determined look! Like when you are convincing me that writing a book, or shooting a video would be a good thing!!


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