A Day Off

Longwood Gardens March 29 2017 (2) (1024x768)

Yesterday my husband and I spent the entire afternoon at Longwood Gardens. Walking, breathing in and out, chatting, taking photographs, making a memory.  All too often my calendar is filled up with work and other obligations – preparing for presentations, traveling to places for workshops and presentations, giving presentations, working on a book (Stacey and I are about to get back to our schedule for Welcome to Writing Workshop after a break for Slice of Life), duties for Eta chapter of ADK and CCRA, PAReads editor meetings, attending conferences.

My husband often comments, “You said name of month is going to be freer, not so busy. What happened?”  And, honestly, I’m not sure what happens. The calendar just fills up. Well, to be truthful, I do know how it happens. If I see a blank spot on the calendar and I get a request for a job or to help out with an event (tonight I am reading at the B & N for Upper Moreland Intermediate School’s fundraiser), I say yes and fill the empty block. But for the past two weeks I had written Longwood on all the calendars I own and had prayed for good weather.  Yesterday, my prayers were answered.

We strolled leisurely, stopping to sit on benches and take it all in.  We were not in a hurry. I had already arranged a feeding and walk for the Corgis – thank you, Letty! – so we took our time.  Eventually, we headed to the conservatory to visit my favorite room – the silver room – and we took lots of photos. We sat by my favorite tree, the olive tree – and I imagined a trip to Greece in our future.

I bought two new house plants before we headed to The Gables. I ordered a Prosecco and a cheese tray for us. My husband enjoyed cheesesteak egg rolls, and I had a small bowl of mushroom soup. After our light dinner (we still took a doggie bag home), we headed home. It was a great day!  I need more of them.

So what have I learned?  I am writing Longwood  on my calendar – at least three days each month. Although it might not be Longwood – it will be a day for us to do something together – visit Lancaster, drive to the Poconos, go to Fallingwater (my husband has never been), drive to the shore and walk on the beach, or just walk at Mondauk Park and come home to read for pleasure. Today I awoke feeling refreshed. I am not tired. I am ready to face the day and whatever it brings. I needed a day off!

I am participating in #SOL17. Thanks to the twowwriting teachers
slice-of-life2 blog team for creating and sustaining this community of writers!

16 thoughts on “A Day Off

  1. Love it — and that you included photos of the gardens and yourself!! We all need breaks — slowing down truly does pay off in the end. Glad the weather cooperated for a beautiful day. You have a day to slow down coming up in April too –can’t wait to join you for it!

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    • You will love Longwood – go on the website to see when the tulips are blooming – they are spectacular – should be third or fourth week in April. I will try to let you know as well!


  2. What a great day you had.
    I’m envious. I can so relate to your calendar, and love the idea of blocking out times in advance.
    Here’s an idea for your list though Chanticleer Gardens in Devon, PA. It’s only open April -October.
    A season pass is well worth it.

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  3. Beautiful gardens. Thanks for taking us along with you and your husband on this wonderful day of carefree living. You need to enjoy more of days like this.


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