Looking Forward to More Garden Walks

I am participating in #SOL22. This is Day 30. One more day and we made it!

The topiary garden at Longwood. Where’s the Welsh Corgi?

We won’t be together in April, and it’s my favorite month to visit Longwood Gardens. I have included photos to share this unique experience. So many tulip beds – you feel you are in Holland! The weather is perfect for long strolls outdoors. It’s a time I often take my writer’s notebook to sketch and jot colors, shapes, smells, feelings. I love to sit on the curved stone bench with a gargoyle decorating each end. It occupies the end of the garden walk. The fountains usually aren’t on until May 1st, so we come back to inhale the wisteria and listen to the music of the fountains. If you are ever visiting Philadelphia, be sure to take a trip to Longwood Gardens. It’s quite magical! And please, don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

3 thoughts on “Looking Forward to More Garden Walks

  1. This post brought back sweet memories of visiting a few years ago with my daughter-in-law and Carson, only two at the time. It was during the spring. As your photos show, the flowers and foliage were amazing. This is on my to-do list.

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