I am participating in #SOL22. This is Day 29. Thanks to twowritingteachers team for providing this space to write, share, and grow.

About 35 years ago was driving to the stables after a long week at school. My manuals and resources were piled next to me. I created my plans for the following week over the weekend. The Friday was warm, and all my windows were cracked.

Stopped at a light, I was listening to Bonnie Raitt on the radio. Suddenly, I heard the passenger door open. A man slid into the seat as the light turned green. “Going to Ambler?” he asked.

“Kind of,” I replied. I kept driving. Why did I do that?

When I got to Bethlehem Pike, I told him that he should get out at the light. He refused. Instead of turning right and going to the Gwynedd Police Station, I turned onto Brushtown Road – not much traffic here but on the way to the barn. Did I want this guy to know wherecI worked?

I pulled over. “Look. Here is my number.” I scribbled a fake number on a piece of paper. “You are going to get me fired. Please.”

And quite miraculously, he got out of my car. And I drove to the barn. I could not believe what had happened or how badly I had handled the situation. I must have had a guardian angel that day! At least I’ve learned to keep my car doors locked!

8 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. That’s a scary story!! I’m glad you got out of it safely. I will think of your story the next time I get in the cars. And lock the doors, after reading this!!

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  2. Oh my goodness! I would not be able to think straight myself. So scary. A friend of mine was actually a victim of a car-jacking that took her from Horsham to New Jersey. Thankfully she was able to reason with the man.


  3. Oh my, Lynne. This could have turned out so badly. Glad it didn’t. I don’t know that years ago we gave much thought to locking car doors when we drove. Now, I am glad the doors lock automatically when I put the cat in gear.

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  4. I love that you remember you were listening to Bonnie Raitt! When you hear her does it immediately bring you back? I’ve had similar experiences (okay, not a weird man climbing in my car!!), where afterward I really doubt my ability to think well under pressure! Glad this one has a happy ending 🙂

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