Garden Worries

Early April brings a roller coaster of temperatures,

Warm/cool breezes on sunny-with-some-clouds.

Nights not always friendly and welcoming,

Bringing frosts that coat lawns and plants.

Not-so-fragile potted pansies placed closer to the house,

Daffodils left in gardens to bear the brutal weather.

Twenty-six degrees in Dresher this morning….really?

Bundling up in coat and scarf to survey the damage,

Not sure if welcoming daffodil days are really over.

Hoping to see the buds open on a few late bloomers,

I survey the spring gardens knowing it’s time to weed,

Cut back the vines growing in unwanted places.

Readying the spaces to apply organic mulch,

The single most important thing I can do for my garden.

Breathing in and out, I am satisfied that my spring beauties,

The hyacinths, the cheery daffodils, and purple crocuses,

Were not lost to a very cold and windy night.

The marigolds, geraniums, petunias, and begonias

Will wait to add a splash of color to May gardens.

After-Mother’s-Day temperatures promise warmth,

Hard frosts will not threaten my garden’s residents until fall.

4 thoughts on “Garden Worries

  1. Spring beauties are hardy. These daffodil and crocuses seem like they smile at us and laugh at the frost. Your poem shows us their strength and beauty.

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