It’s Over, But There Will Be Tuesdays…

I have participated in #SOL21. Thanks to the twowritingteachers team for providing this incredible space for us to write, read, and grow. I will be back next year and every Tuesday. What a wonderful experience and opportunity for writers, readers, and educators – I’ve enjoyed every minute!

March 31st has arrived. It is my sister’s birthday, my sister-in-law’s birthday, and Clare Landrigan’s birthday (my almost-sister!). So, it is already a very special day. It marks 31 days of posting and connecting to an incredible writing community on twowritingteachers with so many interesting, delightful, and heartfelt posts. I only wish I had more time here…but wait a minute…I can reconnect with many writers from this community every Tuesday! I’m going to do this on as many Tuesdays as possible. No, wait a minute. I am not going to make a promise to myself and leave room for excuses. I am going to write every Tuesday. If I am away from my laptop, I can write and post from my phone. Yes, no excuses. I am going to write and post every Tuesday. See you there!

Thanks for the memory!

Concluded, completed,

Fulfilled, succeeded.

Spent, effected,

Rendered, perfected.

All over, all in,

We wrote, read…We all win!

Thanks for the memory

I was born at Einstein Hospital on N. Broad Street in Philadelphia. Here I am, trying to get “Einstein-smart” through the process of osmosis. This statue is outside Einstein Hospital in Montgomery County where my youngest sister works as a nurse (my mother’s profession).

Of writing daily slices,

Of laughing and crying,

Of reconnecting with old friends,

And making some new friends;

Of meeting our goal –

Thirty-one days of writing posts

And connecting to the #SOL21 community…

Thank you, so much!

I will spend many spring days walking in Longwood Gardens and writing poetry. I’ll post poems with photos on twowritingteachers Slice of Life Tuesdays in April to celebrate Poetry Month. I hope we continue to reconnect throughout the year.

17 thoughts on “It’s Over, But There Will Be Tuesdays…

  1. I like the poem you ended with. “We wrote, we read, we all win” It’s so true. Even though I didn’t participate fully, I feel as you do. Being part of this community is an affirming experience.

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    • Thanks so much, Kathleen. Yes! I know myself and cannot leave room for excuses. I am trying to commit to writing 4 times a week on my blog and always on Tuesdays so I can connect with the Slice community. I hope to see you there!


  2. Lynne, it was so good to reconnect with you over this month. Your posts always made us think of ways to improve ourselves and help our students. I look foreword to Tuesday slices. Thank you for all of the comments you left on my posts. Best to you and Ralph.

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