The crumbs, the muck, the dirt

“Not another poem!” she shouts into the air

I am participating in #SOL21. Thanks for providing the space to write, read, and grow.

While staring at the keyboard for five whole minutes,

The keyboard that definitely needs a good cleaning.

When was the last time she had used alcohol and

Cue tips to gently massage each key after she had

Unplugged it and turned the keyboard upside down,

Gently shaking it as she changed the angle several times.

“Don’t get your keyboard dirty to begin with!”

Her husband’s stern warning, but she never listened.

Snacks while writing and responding – yes snacks,

And maybe not enough vacuum runs in the den.

After all, three Welsh Corgis and the shedding problem.

Did she know Corgis were on the top ten list for

Shedding and barking? (Of course, she knew!)

Shake, shake, shake…a cascade of crumbs, hair,

And other forms of crud amid her tainted QWERTY layout.

Then she runs the toothbrush through the space between her keys

and—voila—her keyboard is as clean as the day she bought it.

“But what about a poem for my blog?” she queries.

It’s almost eight and she still has not posted.

Staring at her sparkling keyboard,

She grapples with words that run away from her,

Wild horses on this Tuesday, impossible to tame.

*Author’s Note: I was too ashamed to take a picture of my keyboard and post here. My writing this morning has inspired me to take the time to clean my keyboard today. Once my keyboard is out of the way, it probably is time to move on to other electronics that may have become dirty after regular use, including my phone, tablet, TV, smart speaker, smartwatch, and fitness tracker. That’s a lot of cleaning!