When Spring Arrives

I am participating in #SOL21. Thanks for this space to write, read, and grow.

leaves budding, birds singing, butterflies migrating

robins do their bob-bob-bobbing across lawns

chickadees, titmice, and red-winged blackbirds appear

days become longer and temperatures warm

gentle welcomed southerly breezes tickle us

a cacophonous chorus of birdsongs:

warblers, sparrows, starlings, grackles, and finch

cardinals sing their “cheer, cheer, cheer”

ducks return to lakes in Pennsylvania with warming surfaces

and blooming with zooplankton and spring algae

waterfowl arriving at their Canadian nesting grounds

hundreds of snow geese at Middle Creek in March

willows and maples begin to bud

sugar sheds fire up in New Hampshire

peepers and chorus frogs sing at dusk

queens who survived the winter months

return to find early flowers

bumblebees among the first pollinators

misty mornings and soft wet smells fill the air

Earth is waking up and remembering her colors

when spring arrives once more