When the World Turns Green Again

After Hurricane Sandy, I had the three gigantic silver maples in my backyard removed. Two had splintered, and my landscaper (who was a student of min in the third grade) advised me to take them down. He said they would damage the house if they fell, and that they were just too tall to manage. So I did.

I am participating in #SOL21. Thanks for this space to write, read, and grow.

That left two beautiful crab apple trees and an apple tree. They start to flower in mid-April and are quite beautiful, even though they have started to lose limbs to bad weather and fruit. Three years ago, our apple tree was so loaded down with apples that two big limbs actually snapped. She has continued to lose limbs to bad storms, and I’m afraid the old girl only has a few years left. She is fifty years old this spring.

I had Leyand Cypress trees planted across the back of the property and lost eight of them. When I acquired a new landscaper to help me with a front yard that was more weeds than grass, I told him about the Leyland problem. He told me to elevate where the trees were to be planted and brought a huge truckload of dirt before he planted new Leylands.

Now they stand with Thuja Green Giants and are about twenty feet tall. We planted them along the left side of our property, too. They are quite beautiful. This winter we had snow after snow after snow in February. We trudged out during and after the storms to gently shake the limbs of fifteen trees so they would not snap with the weight of the snow.

They are starting to brighten, enjoying Spring’s warm embrace. Today, almost sixty, and all next week the temperatures will stay in the sixties and even low seventies. Time to plant the mums and more daffodils and hyacinths.  Cardinals, sparrows, and wrens fill the Leylands and Thujas as robins dot the greening yard. The red bud tree at the center of our garden will fill with tiny purple flowers. The service berry is our new addition and will bloom for the first time in early May.

Soon, the woods that stand in Sandy Run Park behind our house will also turn green again. When we look out our bay window in the den and the windows in our living room, we will see nothing but tall trees dressed in their greenery.  It is a rebirth of wonder, an energy source, a reason to celebrate when the world turns green again.

Crab apple trees are so beautiful in late April!

10 thoughts on “When the World Turns Green Again

  1. Just beautiful, your yard. How do I know? From the eloquent tribute you paid to all your trees in this blog post. There is nothing like trees in a garden. My husband and I have lovingly planted, moved and sadly lost so many trees over out 30 years here. I love to tell stories about them just as I loved reading the stories about your trees. Enjoy them and thanks for the peek into your yard!

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    • I know – the trees are such an important part of our garden. Our redbud is only three years in our backyard and is about 12 feet tall. the birds love it. We have forsythia and bee balm and mums. I need to plant canna lilies in May.
      Do you remember Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree?


  2. Lynne, trees offer so much – shade, beauty, homes for birds and animals. I can just imagine how lovely your yard looks with the trees and flowers. I love watching our trees come alive during the spring.

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  3. Love this! I can see your backyard in your post and I remember those little trees. How they’ve grown. Your plantings have made a lovely setting for reading, meditating, and just being. Enjoy the day!

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  4. I was noticing the trees yesterday and thinking about how they will turn green again soon. Our birds aren’t back yet, but it won’t be long. I love spring! And I love imagining all of your flowers and trees starting to bloom.

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