Longing to Travel

I am participating in #SOL. Thanks for providing this space to write, read, and grow.

It has been almost two years since we visited Maine. My sister and brother-in-law own a cabin near Farmington. The cabin presently has no indoor plumbing, so when we visit them, we stay at the Kawanhee Inn which is nearby with its own set of cabins and a lawn that rolls down to Webb Lake. We have watched the loons dance down the sun, clumsily landing in the water as the sky changed to pinks and purples.

Two years ago we stayed in Portland on the waterfront. Our friends, Diane and Joe, spent a long weekend with us. It started with a wonderful tour of the harbor and dining at a restaurant, DiMillo’s, that was actually a boat, later that evening.  The Then we traveled to Camden and enjoyed shopping, eating more seafood, and taking photos from Mt. Battie, and eating ice-cream at a little store near our hotel. You could have almost any flavor imaginable, and we indulged at least twice while we were in town.

Now, two years later, we have decided not to travel to Maine this summer. In fact, we canceled our trip to New Mexico in late May and postponed it to 2022. We are going to the shore from August 28th through October 2nd.  We both need a change, and so do the dogs. We rent a rancher that has an enclosed yard and a gigantic hot tub. This is our fourth year in Surf City. It is hard to find rentals that are pet friendly, and we are thankful for this vacation spot because we can take our Corgis. It’s also only ninety minutes away, so we make a trip home once a week to water the plants and the yards as well as pick up the mail. We stay overnight so I can do my virtual or hopefully this year, face-to-face Thursday night Arcadia class. Then we leave in time to have breakfast at the shore.

I am counting the days until we leave. As much as I have loved being home to read, write, plant flowers, and spend time with the dogs and my husband, I yearn for the freedom of travel. When all this started, we had to cancel a trip to Prague. Then we canceled a trip to Quebec and Montreal, our one-week rental in Niagara on the Lake, and a trip to New Mexico with Mary and Paul.  I wonder if we will ever get back to Europe, but I am hoping we can visit Chicago, Vancouver, and Charleston in spring 2022 before heading to New Mexico end May. I am looking for possibilities in fall. A trip to Washington, D.C.? Perhaps a drive to visit Newport?  Boston to see friends? Ah, that’s a real possibility. Clare and Chris are there and Pat and Eddie. Something to look forward to!

I have included some photos of Maine here. I hope we can take many more next summer.