A Walk in Longwood Gardens

I am participating in #SOL. Thanks for providing this space
to write, read, and grow!

On Friday Ralph and I drove to Longwood Gardens to walk with good friends, Tom Wittkamp and Mary Buckelew and Paul Perry. Although the drive is about an hour and ten minutes, it is well worth it. I am trying to get back to 10, 000 steps after spending the winter inside the house, mainly in front of the computer or sitting on the couch to read or watch television. At first, we thought the threat of showers and clouds might keep us from our trip, but the showers never arrived, and the gray skies turned to blue before we left in the early afternoon. To make things even better, the temperature was climbing into the upper sixties. I felt blessed!

Ralph is willing to drive to Longwood once a week if it inspires me to take long walks, and so we are committed to the journey. Longwood did not disappoint, even though it was missing its flowers. All the beds had been planted, and we could see the daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths pushing upward through the soil. I could imagine what these beds would look like by early April. Then, somewhere in the middle of the month, there would be beds of tulips – hundreds of them!  Maybe two trips each week in April and May. In early May, the beds are filled with flowers in white, blue, pink, and purple. The wisteria is magnificent and perfumes the air. By May, the fountains will be on, adding to the beauty and sounds of the gardens.

Friday’s weather for walking turned out to be just right – not too hot and not too cold. When we left after an hour of strolling and returned to Mary and Paul’s house to sit on the deck, we sipped wine (in Ralph’s case ginger ale since he thinks wine tastes like medicine), and feasted on shrimp, humus, cucumber salad, pickles, olives, Brie, and fresh bread. Ralph, Tom, and Paul finished the meal with triple chocolate cake. It was a perfect day, one that brought hope and inspiration for the days ahead.

The photos I have included in the tiled gallery are from 2019 April and May. Sadly, we were not able to go to the gardens in 2020. I was heartbroken to miss the daffodils and tulips in spring and the roses in lat June. Slice will be over by end March, so enjoy a peek at Longwood Garden’s spring splendor! I never tire of looking at these photos. If you ever visit Pennsylvania, Longwood is about fifty minutes (30 miles) from Philadelphia and worth the trip.