Welsh Corgis

Bred to herd cattle and sheep,

I am participating in #SOL21. Thanks for providing this space to write, read, and grow.

Sturdy, strong, and energetic,

Small dogs with big dog personalities.

Plenty of walks and playtime

To use up some of that energy!

On walks they’ll walk you,

Using their low center of gravity

To pull you forward while they sniff,

Asking the question,

“How has been here?”

Greeting you with smiling faces

Each time you return home.

Loving, cuddlebugs

Who love to occupy your lap

Or sit next to you and

Lean into you with all their furriness.

Happy dogs who love children and

All the family members.

Wonderful watch dogs but

Greet any guest you welcome

Into the home with great enthusiasm.

Welsh Corgis…

Royal and regal,

Playful and affectionate,

My choice for the past 20 years.