March Wonderings

Considered to be a moody month,

I am participating in #SOL21. Thanks to twowritingteachers for providing this space to write, read, and grow.

In like a lion,

Out like a lamb…

Talk about mood swings!

Swiftly changing windy weather,

Daffodils dot our gardens,

The grackles arrive in huge flocks,

The fields begin to remember their colors.

Animals mate and insects hatch,

The full moon is called the Worm Moon.

Today, National Plant a Flower Day:

Help make the world more beautiful!

Many spring forward to change

Their clocks by one hour.

March Madness kicks into high gear,

Citizens continue to receive vaccinations,

And a handful of states lift most restrictions.

Too soon! Too soon!

March, a month of change and awakenings…

April is slowly approaching.