Clouds in My Life

I’ve never thought about how my life is like a cloud, but the immediate response I have is that it’s always changing. Sometimes, it’s so full of activity, like a puffy cumulus cloud. And sometimes, it’s thin and feels too stretched out – too taut.

There are days when my cloud is streaked with gray and then gloom descends – stopping me from being productive at all. And there are days when my cloud is full of lightning bolts and threatens a storm. But like a sudden summer thunderstorm, it is often brief, making way for a sunny day.

And then there are times when the wind carries my cloud away along with all the other clouds in the sky. On these days, I almost feel myself disappearing. I reach out, but can find no anchor to keep myself from drifting away.

My life is like a cloud – beautiful, lonely, full of promise. I drift, float, glide, wander on a field of blue – hoping to catch a glimpse of what I might miss if my feet were firmly planted on the ground.

5 thoughts on “Clouds in My Life

    • I was writing off a prompt provided in the Continuity Session by PA Writing and Literature Project on Saturday. Catherine Gehman shared her beautiful poem “Clouds” and asked us to write about how our lives are like a cloud(s). My thoughts spilled out of me! The link for Continuity is on the Writing Project’s website at WCU. We meet the first Saturday of each month on Zoom from 10 to 11:15 a.m..

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  1. Thanks, Mary. The photo is from Longwood Gardens, a good place to see clouds and flowers! My piece is first draft writing. I am always amazed how I can spill writing in five or six minutes when I am in the company of PAWLP fellows. Hope to see you at Longwood with my writer’s notebook soon!


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