anger and unrest grow deeper in america

Slice of Life2I am participating in #SOL20 Tuesdays.  This morning, I decided to write a poem. So much has been on my mind lately, particularly the unnecessary death of George Floyd . I am beginning to understand that things have not changed all that much since the 1960s. We need to change the way we do things in America.  George Floyd’s death sparked such widespread outrage. For 400 years or so African Americans have tried to assert their humanity. Why do we need such a terrible tragedy to spark change in our country?  This is not an African American issue. It’s a human issue.


demonstrations nationwide:

minneapolis, philadelphia, los angeles, atlanta, boston.

vehicles torched, windows smashed, people injured

violence erupting in our cities as

social and economic disparities

grow larger and the seeds of

anger and unrest grow deeper in america.


protestors ignore curfews

social distancing rules don’t apply here

crowds gather to raise their voices

Floyd’s death shocking, stunning, moving

us to call for big changes, a call to action.

George Floyd cannot just become another name…

anger and unrest grow deeper in america.


social unrest has become a major topic in america,

contemporary circumstances fuel modern-day frustrations

riots are rarely driven by a single cause:

widening racial inequality,  modern political instability…

will civic organizations hold authorities

accountable for racialized police aggression?

anger and unrest grow deeper in america.