The Gift of Flowers

Slice of Life2#SOLTuesdays

I have always loved a gift of flowers – good for any occasion and especially on an ordinary day when you receive a gift of flowers just because someone is thinking of you. This spring I gifted myself and splurged on six flats of pansies and three flats of geraniums, one coreopsis, bee balm, and Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia). The gardens are filled with color! 20200519_081542

Birthday gifts include a colorful array of flowers, and Monday an arrangement from my husband that reminded me of strolls down the garden walk at Longwood Gardens in early 20200519_081453May. Blues, purples, and whites – stunning!

I hope to find and plant Liriope because it is a great perennial for sun or shade. It is grown primarily for its foliage with violet flowers in August. Of course, canna lilies for my hummingbirds!  They are low maintenance and easy to grow, and their flowers and foliage offer long-lasting color in the garden and keep the hummingbirds coming to our garden. Flower color may be red, orange or yellow, and I plant mostly red but all colors are represented.

We all love flowers because they are beautiful and offer sweet scents, but for me, flowers are a mood changer. When I receive flowers, I feel happiness wrap around me like a warm blanket.  Flowers can improve your overall worse mood and lift your spirits. Waking up to a gorgeous arrangement of flowers around you on your nightstand will start your day off right. I like to place a bouquet on my kitchen table and wherever I have a writing space.

Should you send a gift of flowers bouquet to your loved ones? I say yes! May is a perfect month to send flowers to friends, family, or that special someone in your life.