A Different But Special Birthday

Slice of Life2I am participating in Tuesday #SOL20.

20200512_073940I have exceptionally wonderful friends.  I am blessed. A complete surprise on Thursday and Sunday and again on Monday. My birthday today is a happy one, even though I cannot be with all the people I love.

20200506_173544First, a huge package arrived from a bakery in northern New Jersey with six packaged slices of rainbow cake layered with chocolate frosting. Stacey, you are amazing!  You always remember my birthday. Truly, I love every moment I spend with you writing or having brunch or lunch in Lancaster with Isabelle and Ari, or participating in a Passover Seder with your parents.20200506_173553  Ralph and I had dessert on Thursday night and Friday night and all weekend long! The cake was wonderful, but it was also so pretty to look at – a rainbow of sweetness!

On Sunday afternoon, my husband called me to the front door. I thought one of my students was returning a book of mine from our graduate class. There on the front lawn stood Catherine, with a flower bouquet, a happy birthday balloon, and a homemade cake (vanilla with buttercream frosting) topped with fresh blueberries and blackberries! I could not believe my eyes! We did not hug and tried to maintain a safe distance while we sat on rockers and chatted

for an hour. It was so great to see her. Catherine worried about my stay-at-home birthday and wanted to do something special for me. She did. How lucky am I to have such a good friend! That night we had pork chops, a baked potato, and applesauce (my husband used the smoker and the chops were delicious!). That was the birthday dinner – my favorite!

Lots of calls from Beth (who heads the veterinary center for Kansas State University). We had planned meeting in Chicago this August to attend the Arlington Million but agreed that Ralph and I would visit Kansas next spring or summer. Nancy texted the “Happy Birthday to You” song, a message from Pat, Aileen, and Kolleen, too, and I so loved opening many cheery cards. Rosie sent a beautiful black and gray scarf/shawl with white fringe that I already wore on our dog walk. Rose knows my favorite colors – it was perfect!

Monday morning I met on Zoom with the PAReads editors – all close and very special 20200511_090402friends.  They were ready with a birthday card they held up for me to see and all came to the meeting with a piece of cake. What a great surprise!  My husband Ralph bought me a beautiful watch with a smaller face (I like smaller watches) and a beautiful silver band (I prefer silver).


He ordered a new picnic table for our backyard and spent yesterday afternoon 20200512_084148sanding and staining it. Today we can actually use it for an early dinner. We will grill hotdogs and open a can of baked beans! Of course, cake for dessert!  Two stools from Wayfair for our kitchen counter arrived early which Ralph assembled, and yesterday afternoon, a treadmill! Hoorah! My goal is to walk every morning, and I’m home starting today.

Yesterday evening, I spent almost three hours filling out a proposal for RRCNA. I hope a vaccine is ready this December – I am hopeful to be able to attend a conference in February.  Today after writing with Brenda, I am painting our little bench (bright red) and Ralph and I will recoat the cellar doors (also bright red). We will plant the coleus and a few more plants in the front beds and around the mailbox. Kolleen is stopping by to say happy birthday – we will stay on our porch and maintain a safe, social distance! And from Rita – what a great message!  Thank you, Rita!  I have played it once and will replay all day!

Lynne, I know you like Opera and I thought this would be a good song for your Birthday
Nessun Dorma … alla Corona



And the weather is cooperating – I am getting a sunny day!  I get to spend more time with my Corgis! (They are taking a morning nap – they really do love each other – but will wake up soon.) They help me with my writing. So, despite the sheltering at home and all that I cannot do, I am very thankful for all that I can do and very thankful for my fabulously fabulous friends and husband!20200511_112154