Summer Dreaming

Slice of Life2I am participating in Slice of Life Tuesdays. It’s great to be able to visit with this community all year long! Thank you, twowritingteachers, for providing this space to write and grow!


Long walks and bike rides on the boardwalk,

Standing on the pier and watching the waves.

Eating on the patio or on a screened-in porch,

Relaxing with a vanilla ice cream cone in hand.

Admiring kids who weave their skateboards in and out

While you sit on the wooden bench and breathe it all in.

The sandy beach is warm and wonderful between your toes.


It’s time for road trips, fun trips, day trips, long trips,

Drives in convertibles with the top down.

Bathing suits, short shorts, and loose-fitting clothing,

Dips in the hot tub late into the evening hours.

A refreshing slice of ruby-red watermelon,

Peaches, plums, grapes, and strawberries.

Delicious, juicy, irresistible off the vine daily.


And, oh the sunsets, the glorious sunsets!

Beautifully blended hues in a softened sky.

The sun is on its best and brightest behavior,

But by August, night starts to come too quickly.

Watch for it! Wait for it! Wish for it!

And then, in the blink of an eye,

Summer has come and gone.





9 thoughts on “Summer Dreaming

    • Hi, Ramona. I went to my pictures folder and uploaded them to WordPress. I looked for sunsets and water pictures and summer scenes. WordPress creates the tiled collage by itself. Thanks for visiting today!


  1. Lynne, your poem has my mouth watering for all of those fresh summer fruits, and also the opening of our local ice cream stand. I just may need to use toothpicks to keep my eyes open so that I don’t blink and miss it this year.

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  2. When I saw you had written a poem Lynne, I was incurably curious to delve further. As someone who lives near the beach (in Australia) I can readily identify with your observational gatherings. Our beach scene has commenced its slide into winter. The ‘Bathing suits, short shorts, and loose-fitting clothing,’ of your poem are now well and truly packed away down here, but you have helped me revisit those earlier memories. Thanks.

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