Looking Ahead to Summer Days

Slice of Life2I am participating in #SOL20. Thanks to twowritingteachers for providing this space to write, share, and grow.

Yesterday Ralph and I made plans.  That’s what you do when you are dreaming of a better tomorrow. I love being home, but not when it is not a choice but a necessity.  So Ralph and I made plans. We booked a room at the Camden Riverside Hotel in Maine. Three nights and four days in early August. My sister and brother-in-law will join us for Friday evening and stay overnight in Camden before returning to their cabin in Weld.

The hotel has parking and a path that crosses a little wooden bridge and leads you right into town.  There are beautiful hanging plants on the walkway across the little creek and benches to rest and dream. Or eat ice cream! A wonderful ice cream stand is located on the other side of the bridge, a street that has a bookstore and an antique store. From there, you can walk anywhere. Camden is a tourist town for sure!  We booked a sunset cruise, too, for Friday evening on the schooner Appledore.  Drinks and hor d’ oeuvres as we sail into the sunset. We’ll look forward to eating dinner before the cruise at a restaurant that has a water view.  There are many to choose from.

Saturday, we’ll shop after a leisurely breakfast and visit Camden Hills State Park and take photos of the harbor from atop of Mt. Battie. We have visited Camden twice. This will be our third time, but we love Maine, and it will be worth the eight-hour drive to help erase the memory of huddling at home and watching the countless broadcasts about Covid19.  Standing on top of the hill and feeling the sun and the breeze on my face will feel soooooo good. I cannot imagine we will still be practicing social distancing in August. It was never a favorite month because I don’t like really hot days. But I think that in 2020, August just might be my very favorite month. We just have to get there.

Here are some photos from a previous trip:

5 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to Summer Days

  1. Oh my word, I know just where you were. This slice takes me there now. I can see the view of the village from Mt. Battie, I can picture the ships and boats in the harbor, I can smell the salty air with a twinge of fishiness, I can hear the seagulls and the stream running into the harbor from under The Smiling Cow. I’m sorry we were away while you were visiting last summer. I hope our paths cross in my beautiful state again soon.

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