Right Outside My Window

Today my husband and I sorted magazines and placed stacks in our recycling bin for Friday’s trash. I have decided to make time for some of those chores we never get to – in reality, most of the chores on the “To Do” list are mine.  After catching up with some friends on email and responding to a few texts – I have quite a few friends who are checking in on me because they believe I will not be good at this social distancing phenomenon – and I’m not, but I don’t have a choice – I sat down to write in my writer’s notebook.  The large bay window in my family room overlooks the backyard. Here is what I noticed right outside my window:

  • five cardinals – three males and two females – returning to our birdfeeders
  • couples walking through the woods with their dogs
  • buds getting ready to burst on our two crabapple trees
  • tiny green leaves all over our enormous lilac bush (were they there yesterday?)
  • the smell of pansies wafting through the side windows (I am airing the house each afternoon when we have sunshine)
  • brilliant yellow blooms on the forsythia bushes
  • soft clouds floating in a beautiful blue sky
  • a robin pecking at the grass, no doubt looking for a worm
  • the daffodils and crocuses and hyacinths dotting the gardens
  • new grass (and new weeds) carpeting the yard

I look forward to the burst of crabapple flowers – a profusion of delicate pink blossoms- and the purple petals of the red bud tree and the white blossoms on the dogwood.  All that spring has to offer is welcomed with open arms. For a little while, looking at my backyard, I can forget the turmoil and the uncertainty and bask in the loveliness that spring has to offer.

Slice of Life2I am participating in #SOL20. Thanks to the twowritingteachers team for creating this space for writers to write, share, and grow.


6 thoughts on “Right Outside My Window

  1. I think we’ll all be getting some of those chores done. My husband cleaned the inside of our oven within an inch of its life yesterday, LOL! Thanks for the peek out of your window. So much is happening outdoors here, too. Nature will see us through this. Can’t wait for our daily walk this afternoon!

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