Using a Senses Chart: Sweet Apple Poems

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Green Apples

Light and pretty,
Lime green or apple green.
Mixing well with pinks and blues,
Copper, bronze, and earthy browns, too.
Smooth and hard outside,
Wet and sticky inside.
Sour and sweet,
Healthy as red ones.
Stabilizes blood sugar levels,
Improves your appetite.
Rich in Vitamin C and K,
Loaded with Vitamin A content.
Packed with fiber and proteins,
Rich in iron, zinc, and manganese.
Round and firm,
Exotic and amazing…
A blessing from Mother Nature,
Little green apples.

A great way to write a poem is to experience something – a place, an object, an event – through the senses. When we write, we often rely heavily on our eyes. Just appealing to one more sense will lift the level of the writing. To create a senses chart like this one, it is great to have several kinds of apples available for looking, touching, smelling, tasting, and of course, listening to the sound we make when we bite into an apple.

It is interesting to note that some people suffer from Misophonia, selective sound sensitivity syndrome.  Are you annoyed when you hear the sounds of someone eating and slurping?  While it is reasonable to get slightly agitated when someone is chomping with their mouth open, this condition can actually cause panic and rage in the person hearing it.  Here is a senses chart – and yes, I did a lot of chomping on apples to create this chart. My chart helped me to get started writing a poem, but in the end, it turned out to be an informational poem. I love green apples and use them in cranberry sauce, spring and fall salads, and apple pies.

From Lynne’s notebook – A Senses Chart

Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch
little brown stem crispy crunch sweet sweet smooth and hard
A precious treasure munch like warm sunshine tasty and tangy wet and sticky
Round and plump chomp natural ripe heavy
plucked from a tree caaarrrrunch fragrant rich round
In a salad Sweet

smells from Grandma’s oven

delightful and delicious warm or cold
Grandma’s open-faced pie     cinnamon and sugar  

5 thoughts on “Using a Senses Chart: Sweet Apple Poems

  1. Your teaser grabbed my attention as I just sliced up a green apple yesterday to accompany some steel cut oats that I cooked! I love how you shared your process after we read your poem. As I was reading the poem, I was learning a lot of facts about the apple I consumed. Love the senses chart! This is also a great process for compare/contrast writing, which is where we left off in 4th before the closure.

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  2. This is a great way to get students to look at things through all of their senses, Lynne. I like the chart idea because once the chart is made out there are so many interesting ways the writer has to bring a type of food or other object to life for his/her readers.

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