Just a Few More Minutes…

slice-of-life2I am participating in #SOL19.  Thanks to the twowritingteachers blog team for sponsoring this wonderful event!

Last August we visited Portland, Maine before traveling to Weld. I knew I would not have Internet access when we arrived at Kawanhee Inn. My cell phone never worked there, and I needed to share the final revisions with Stacey and our editor Bill Varner before I left Portland.

I had promised my husband that we would take a harbor cruise Sunday morning, so I extended our checkout time to three and left for the tour. We had a great time, and even stopped for clam chowder and onion rings at a tiny restaurant on the walk back to our hotel.

Then I was glued to my laptop for the next 90 minutes. Just before three, I asked my husband to take our suitcases and check out. “I’ll be down in about five minutes.”  Fifteen minutes later I heard a knock at the door. No, it wasn’t my husband. It was a member of the hotel staff who wanted to get the room ready for the next guests.

“I am just packing up my laptop.” I chorused while still typing the final sentence.  I shared the document on google with Bill and Stacey, shot another e-mail to Bill to let him know everything was completed and ready for final review, and packed up my laptop. The manuscript for Welcome to Writing Workshop was ready for the copy editors. At 3:20 I met me husband in the lobby and we walked to our car.  “That was really cutting it close,” I said to my husband.

He just rolled his eyes and looked skyward. “We are supposed to be on vacation,” he muttered to no one in particular.



11 thoughts on “Just a Few More Minutes…

  1. Beautiful pictures of Maine! What an amazing setting to finish up some important and exciting writing. Love this line: ““We are supposed to be on vacation,” he muttered to no one in particular.” The entire piece we were with you and experiencing the trip from your point of view… then at the end you show us the perspective of your husband. Great!

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  2. As a first-time blogger in this SOL challenge, I am learning wht being glued to my laptop means for the first time. My husband has been nothing but supportive, but I can feel your husband’s emotion as the situation is all too familiar! I love it, just the same. Thank you for a great post!

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  3. So good could feel the sense of urgency and tightness of the deadline. Love the photos and your husband’s comment! Mine would have said the same but probably loudly!

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