Selling Raffle Tickets is Not My Favorite Thing, But…

Slice of Life2I am participating in #SOL19. Thanks to the twowritingteachers blog team for hosting this wonderful event!

I am big on giving money to charities. I have my favorites – St. Jude’s Research Hospital, CHOP, World Wildlife Fund, Defenders of Wildlife, National Wildlife Federation, ASPCA, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, National Parks, Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Pearl S. Buck International.

I belong to Eta chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, an amazing organization that consists of a sisterhood of women educators. Some are retired and some are still in the work force. We work tirelessly to provide scholarships and donate monies to charity. Most of our money is divided between Laurel House, Pearl S. Buck International, Harambee Foundation, and WePAC (an organization that has committed many, many hours to reopening, staffing and operating volunteer-run libraries in Philadelphia public elementary schools).

At the May meeting of Eta chapter, we will listen to second-grade teacher Kelly Gallagher talk about the SuperHero Project she founded. Kelly founded the organization after her twin boys were born prematurely. Kelly and her family spent six months traveling back and forth to the hospital to visit the twins. After doing a lot of personal research, Kelly came up with a great idea to share with the hospital – technology that places cameras into the isolates and would allow parents and families to see the baby even when they are unable to be at their bedside. And so the SuperHero Project was born. Angel Eye Cameras were installed in the Holy Redeemer NICU. The Superhero Project continues to aid families in the NICU and provide assistance and resources to many hospitals in the greater Philadelphia area.

Eta chapter members will listen to Kelly’s story and decide in May if we want to designate part of the monies raised to the SuperHero Project. Read more about it here:

Back to the raffles – last night my husband (he gets roped into doing all kinds of things because he said “I do” six years ago), Bobbie (an Eta sister), and I spent three hours selling raffle tickets to everyone who walked in the door of the Texas Roadhouse.  While clapping and line dancing was going on in the background and waiting-to-be-seated diners were shelling peanuts and eating them, we repeated our plea for charitable causes and pointed to the prizes that were displayed. Tuesday was family night at the restaurant (Kids could eat for $1.99!), and it was packed.

While some people walked right by us, and others told us they were from Iowa or Minnesota or somewhere in Europe (who would think Texa Roadhouse would have people from all over the world), others dug in their pockets and purses for change to buy a raffle ticket for a dollar. Some even went back outside to dig in their cars and return with a dollar or two. It actually felt good to see so many people wanting to help.  People were very interested in the Harambee Foundation, an organization that provides professional development and fund raising support for local initiatives in Tanzania, East Africa which address the needs of vulnerable youth, women, and families.

Even though I really hate selling raffle tickets (I really do!), I felt good when we walked out the door. We raised over $400 in one evening, and all that money goes to support good causes. Of course, I have to admit that I bought lots of tickets, too – probably a few too many (my husband rolled his eyes at me as I reached for my pocketbook a third time).  But I didn’t do it to win any prizes – I did it because it felt great to be able to be a small part of all those wonderful organizations. Really, I wish I could do more.

5 thoughts on “Selling Raffle Tickets is Not My Favorite Thing, But…

  1. It is difficult to sit at a table and ask people for money, even a dollar, but it is a great way to met and talk to people. Knowing you are raising money for a good cause makes it easier. I was surprised by the international guests at Texas Roadhouse.

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  2. Selling raffle tickets is a chore that’s worth every minute, as you say. Your commitment to charity and to doing the work is admirable, especially with all you do. Ralph is a good sport.

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  3. I didn’t know Texas Roadhouse would have so many out of town guests let alone from other parts of the world! What great charity work you are involved in! I don’t like asking for money from others, but it is so worth it knowing the money is going to such a worthy cause. I raise money for CCF (Cystic Fibrosis Fundation) each year when we walk in Great Strides.

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  4. I love how I can literally see and hear the two of you when you write — Of course, I have to admit that I bought lots of tickets, too – probably a few too many (my husband rolled his eyes at me as I reached for my pocketbook a third time). St. Jude is a favorite of mine as well!

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