Why Use a Reader Response Journal?

Slice of Life2I am participating in #SOL19.  Thanks to twowritingteachers  blog team for sponsoring this event.

Use a reader response journal or literature log to lead readers into the literature before reading to:

Activate Prior Knowledge

Build Concepts

Make Predictions

Focus Attention

Arouse Interest


Possibilities for a Literature Notebook  include:



Persona journal entries that make connections with stories you have read

Titles of books to read

Lines that might become poems

Powerful leads



Observations about a character

Discussions with self

Authors to study

Interesting words



Notes from Reading mini-lessons

Lists such as character traits

Answers to questions


Connections with other books or authors

Quotations from authors, people, students

Author heart maps

Quickwrites off a scaffold, line, phrase, or word

Connections to other books or authors

Found Poetry

Opinions – rate the book

Can you add more possibilities to this list?