When a Corgi Loves You

slice-of-life2I am participating in #SOL19. Thanks to the twowritingteachers blog team for sponsoring this wonderful event.

When I come home from a day at a school, all three Welsh Corgis are at the door ready to greet me. They speak to me and try to jump up (I know I should have trained them not to) and wiggle their behinds (they have no tails) and smile.

Merri Welsh Corgis

Arthur is usually the first to snuggle with me as I sit on the couch and enjoy a cup of hot tea. He is not content to sit beside me. He has to press his body into mine or press his hard head against my cheek, making it quite difficult to enjoy my quiet time and my tea.

Often, he flips over for a belly rub or tummy tickle. If I stop, he takes his paw and swings it at me or tries to place more of his furry, long body on my lap (He is NOT a lap dog – he weighs about 33 pounds!).

Merrill and Rhonda, my old girls, are always ready for a “cookie” and can make the sweetest faces to ask for more. I usually give in and my husband just shakes his head.  Those two can melt my heart!

Our constant companions, the dogs enjoy spring and warm weather as much as we do. Now we will take three or four walks each day instead of sending the trio out into the yard. The walking will do us all some good!