Celebrate You!

I am participating in #SOL19. Thanks to twowritingteachers blog team for slice-of-life2hosting this wonderful writing marathon!

I am a list maker. I love to make memory-jogger lists and all kinds of lists in my writer’s notebook to sustain writing and help me find new topics to write about. Some of my lists include things that are blue in June, the colors of fall in Pennsylvania, words that tickle your tongue, the sounds and smells of Christmas, pet peeves, small wonders, lazy days, beach days, barn stories, and the quietest things I know. My newest list today is very long. Here is a short list of my newest addition:

What have you achieved in your life already?

List both the big things like a wedding, and the small things like learning how to knit to scarf.

Here is a short list of big and small things/moments to celebrate:

  • Learning how to swim.
  • Learning how to ride a horse.
  • Every moment spent with my grandfather – our long walks in the Pocono Mountains.
  • Teaching myself how to play the guitar.
  • Times when I am silent to think and plan and wonder.
  • Every time when I know I am present and living in the moment.
  • Making friends – they truly make me a better person!
  • Finding the perfect horse to match the rider.
  • Landing my first teaching job at Woodlawn as a fourth grade teacher.
  • Teaching horseback riding – many students achieved state championships.
  • My marriage to my husband five years ago. I am very lucky!
  • The births of my three goddaughters, their weddings, their birthdays, and everything we share!
  • My long teaching career at Upper Moreland that spanned 38 years.
  • My¬† work with the Pennsylvania Writing & Literature Project, beginning with the invitational summer institute on the teaching of writing in 1989.
  • Sharing teaching ideas with my principal Jim Quill – and much laughter!
  • ¬†Making an angel food cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries from scratch!
  • My water color paintings.
  • Every new birthday.
  • The beauty I take in when I walk through Longwood Gardens.
  • Writing a post every day for Slice of Life in March (my third year!).
  • Moments in classrooms to gather snapshots for my writing – Catherine Gehman and her fourth graders, Brenda Krupp and her third graders, Shelly Keller and her kindergarten students – I have learned so much!
  • Writing seven books on the teaching of writing and publishing with Stenhouse.
  • Planting my gardens with colorful flowers each spring.
  • Writing a dissertation and earning a doctoral degree.
  • Completing my practicum at La Salle and earning a certificate as a Reading Specialist.
  • Longwood Gardens March 29 2017 (15) (683x1024)