A Walk in Longwood Gardens

slice-of-life2I am participating in the March #SOL18. Thanks to the twowritingteachers blog team for creating this space to write, read, and respond to other writers.

Yesterday, Ralph and I met our friend Tom, his daughter Emily and her husband Rick, and their daughter Daisy for a stroll at Longwood Gardens. It was a beautiful Sunday, and we wanted to take advantage of the decent weather with another Nor’easter expected to arrive this Tuesday into Wednesday. (They’ve got to be kidding, right?)20180318_135052

When we arrived, we had a hard time finding a place to park – Longwood was very busy! It was already 1:45 p.m. and everyone was hungry. We walked to the Terrace and – oh no! They were renovating the eatery; so a long line, not a lot of choice, and few tables available. But we all found something, even though as we stood in line, Terrace workers every now and then came with black strips of paper to cover some items such as grilled chicken Caesar salad – what I was hoping to purchase. So I settled for a yogurt and granola cup and a very small garden salad. Daisy munched on a chocolate chip cookie and Ralph had a salad and an Italian sandwich with several kinds of meats and cheese. Everyone found something to eat. We even found one empty picnic table that would fit six people. DSC_9644

Daisy was ready to leave. She wanted to go home until I mentioned that some cats live at Longwood and I had seen them in the conservatory more than once. I told her one cat looked like a lion with a full mane around his neck. He seemed to enjoy an occasional pet or scratch behind the ears from visitors. I was sure he was a Maine Coon cat. So we walked through the conservatory with Daisy whispering, “Maine Coon CatMeow, meow, meow” to entice the cats to appear. They never did.

Although we never saw any cats, we did see some gorgeous flowers – the winter “blues” were simply stunning!  Roses blooming, the silver room with cacti, rock benches, epiphytes hanging from the ceiling (purple orchids), a lovely olive tree (my favorite room), and a room and walkway with perfect orchids of every color.

We will come back in April – probably late April if the weather does not warm up soon – to see the fields of tulips. Longwood Gardens is a place to return to throughout the year to experience the beauty of each season with its colors and fragrances and smells. This summer I intend to create a Southwest garden like the one pictured below in the top left photo. At the rate the warmer weather is creeping into our part of Pennsylvania, I think it will be end June or beginning July before I can create one for our backyard!

12 thoughts on “A Walk in Longwood Gardens

  1. What a beautiful place! I can imagine how every season has something new to explore. Beautiful pictures in a perfect collage. Love the tree in the first photo, but is that sunlight at the base or is there an animal asleep there? The cactus garden is cool, but ouch placing those plants.

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  2. Thanks for sharing the pics of the children’s garden! I’m looking forward to getting back there next week. And were those blue poppies? I’m surprised they are still in bloom. Longwood is always a place of inspiration.

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  3. I’ve had the good fortune to visit Longwood Gardens several times in my life…..a few times when we lived in Maryland and once when we went back east to visit. My favorite time of year there is around the holidays when rooms of poinsettias transform the conservatories. It is a favorite place of mine, thanks for the virtual visit!

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