Spring Cleaning

No. You will not see a picture of my office yet. It probably would still cause many of you to shake your head in dismay. But there is a big difference. HUGE!

Last week Linda Monzo helped me sort and clear a good-sized corner. My husband carried 8 bags of throw-aways out to the recycle trash bin. Linda and I labeled some accordion file holders, and I organized them by topics such as poetry, vocabulary, reading workshop, conferring & feedback. I actually found some items I had been looking for like the sentence strip pairs for creating complex sentences.

Ralph and I did some more sorting yesterday. My Corgis were surprised that they could walk under the desk from one side to the other. They circled under the desk several times. Yes, they approved. Most of the book bags had been emptied (Of course, the Corgis had to supervise everything we did!).

My friend Kate Lorenzi is going to help me for another morning or afternoon. Surveying the office landscape, Kate said, “Oh, four hours should do it.” Kate is an optimist. At best, we will need four or five afternoons to really finish throwing out and sorting. I am trying to let go of presentations and student samples (the hardest to part with) that I’ve been collecting since 1989). Now, so many new presentations have been created around Grammar Matters and the new book on formative assessment, A Closer Look, out this fall.

It was a no-brainer – straighten up the office or move to a bigger house! Pictures on my blog of of the new-improved office in May! I must say it feels good to tend to this much-delayed project!

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    • I am rediscovering treasures – even photos! By the end of May I should be able to take some photos of the actual office. I am going to start to do more writing, queries, and sending off some material for children’s books. Steeling myself – getting ready for many rejections. Next month, a retired writer’s group from PA Writing Project and a group at Pearl S. Buck. I need my office! See you soon in Boston!


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